RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided professional consulting services on a variety of projects for developers, cooperatives, home builders, homeowner associations and individual home owners.

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Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ For multiple condominium associations who experienced fire sprinkler system leaks, developed all expected costs associated with the removal of a fire sprinkler system in occupied units, including identification of potential sprinkler and drywall contractors, preparation of bid documents, and review and recommendation of award. Also served as construction monitor on one project to assure work performed in accordance with contract requirements.

◙ Multiple building Cooperative that underwent a major mechanical renovation. Assistance in identifying the party(ies) responsible for the defective work encountered. Prepared and presented Cooperative’s position to each of the parties and assisted in developing costs of remediation.

◙ HUD project repairs for damage caused by a hurricane. Assisted a municipality through arbitration in defense of a claim for extra work, delay and disruption by the general contractor.

◙ A high-rise mixed-use development project that experienced delays due to owner changes and subcontractor delays. Assistance to a general contractor/construction manager in identifying the reasons for delay in completion, and calculate the time and cost associated with the delay.

◙ A condominium rehabilitation project that completed later than planned.  Performed critique on behalf of the insurer of two expert reports (delay analysis by a consulting firm and a damages report by an accounting firm) to rebut allegations regarding delays and damages attributed to the plumbing subcontractor.

◙ A condominium conversion project, whose control had been turned over to the unit owners, resulted in a list of items submitted to the developer by the newly-formed condominium association board. Conducted a review of the requested items and their cost, and an inspection of the condominium site, and issued a report identifying items that were normal periodic maintenance items and determined reasonableness of the alleged costs for items for which the developer was responsible.

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