Resolution Management Consultants, Inc. specializes in program management and dispute resolution services for owners, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in the design and construction of commercial, military, manufacturing, process industrial, transportation, environmental facilities, power plants, marine projects, and computer systems.

We understand the procurement, design, construction and manufacturing processes...we've been there. We are uniquely qualified to look out for your interests - whether your project is in its initial stages, in progress, or in its final phase.

We can assist you - from the outset - to minimize the occurrence of problems which, if left unattended often result in serious financial impact. However, should the need for assistance not emerge until the project has begun, we can provide you with an objective assessment so that you can make an informed, cost-effective judgment...and yes, we've been there, too.

And should a dispute evolve into a claim, we can provide an objective and thorough assessment of the problem, develop a solution, and help you obtain a fair and equitable resolution.

RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT...It's our job and it's our name.




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