Ladder of Success Podcast; Jeff Kozek with Bailey Buffalo

October 18, 2019

Equitable Recoveries in Construction

My initial idea was to focus this on Federal construction projects, where the Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) is a contractual option for the project manager,  After recording I realized that, not only Jeff Kozek’s advice can apply to contract management in all projects, but that I also wished that I had possessed this knowledge years ago when I was acting as an Owners’ Representative on large industrial plant constructions.

Jeff Kozek and his company, Resolution Management Consultants, Inc., specialize in assisting clients through issues involving claims and disputes, making him a perfect guest to have for this topic. 

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Resolution Management Consultants, Inc. (RMC) is a nationally recognized consulting firm headquartered in Marlton, NJ, specializing in avoiding, minimizing or resolving problems that may evolve during the design and construction process. Founded in 1993 by veterans in the construction contracting and engineering professions, RMC has assisted numerous private owners, public (city, state and federal) agencies and contractors in either achieving project goals or resolving cost and time disputes between the contracting parties.  The collective experience of our professional staff encompasses all phases of the design and construction process, including engineering, construction management, and accounting.  For more information on RMC, please visit our website at www.resmgt.com.

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