RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided the federal government and contractors with professional consulting services on a wide range of international projects.






Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ On-site staffing provided during the construction of two hydropower plants consisting of 207 MW with a secondary 9.4 MW plant in the review and response to issues that arose on the project – both contractual and technical.  Additional assistance included the review of the project schedule and ensuring the schedule was brought into compliance with contract requirements.

◙ Assistance provided to develop a schedule analysis to demonstrate impacts due to changes in the cargo delivery by the subcontractor of a 100 MW power plant in the Middle East with major components manufactured and transported from other countries.

◙ Assistance in evaluating the cost and time impacts associated with scope changes on three 120 MW coal-fired generating units that were refurbished in Great Britain.

◙ Assisted the federal government agency responsible for new embassy construction and security upgrades in the review of progress execution schedules and time impact analyses.

◙ An independent analysis prepared that included review of the claim and counter arguments, as well as the providing of assistance with negotiation strategies for a sulfur recovery unit in Norway where a claim was filed alleging damages due to design changes and errors as well as other delays.

◙ Analyzed various impacts to assess the time and cost impact on the contractor’s performance during the construction of two forward operating bases in Afghanistan.

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