RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided project management and claims analysis services for elementary and secondary schools and universities.

Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ Analysis and presentation of our findings in mediation on a $6.4M claim for delay/disruption to construction of a new $10M high school synthetic surface athletic field.

◙ Analysis and mediation participation for a $10M claim for cost increases for subcontractor labor/material escalation and loss of productivity claims and extended general conditions on the construction of a $50M high school.

◙ Assistance in identifying responsibility among the architect, general contractor and project manager, and then assisting in the settlement of claims with these entities regarding a water infiltration and mold problem discovered during the construction of a $49M elementary school, that necessitated the demolition and reconstruction of a sizable portion of the work due to alleged design deficiencies, defective construction practices and poor management oversight.

◙ Analysis, comment and negotiation assistance to a school authority on two $72M high schools constructed by the same general contractor dealing with delay and disruption claims.

◙ Investigation of and development of a report concerning the need to remove a concrete slab determined not to meet specifications in the main foyer area on a new $30M intermediate school under construction.

◙ Performance of an independent study concerning the potential use of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for future school construction projects in one of the fastest growing school districts in the U.S.

◙ Provide expert witness testimony regarding the reasonableness of a termination for convenience of a Program Manager, the effect on the PM’s reputation, and the monetary harm caused by the termination on a $1.5B bond issue for renovation and new construction of a large northern city’s public schools.

◙ Assistance to a contractor regarding the construction of a new library on a university campus by the preparation of a time impact analysis to demonstrate the effect of the impacting events on the contractor’s time of performance.


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