RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided professional consulting services on a variety of projects for public and private owners, developers, insurance companies, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, including hotels, office buildings, casinos and convention centers.

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Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ Assistance to a general contractor/construction manager, during the transformation of the two lower floors of a Times Square office building into a high-end restaurant that experienced delay in completion, by developing a time extension request due to changes in design and code issues to avoid liquidated damages.

◙ Provided scheduling services for a contractor constructing a large distribution center that entailed development of the baseline schedule and preparation of monthly updates.

◙ Provided assistance to a construction manager on a renovation project whereby a national retailer was consolidating its corporate headquarters at a former naval yard complex.  Services included assistance with finalization of the cost reimbursement GMP agreement, bid package preparation, development and updating of the project schedule, and the performance of a contract compliance audit to verify costs incurred, including a final reconciliation of trade/vendor billings.

◙ Performed construction-monitoring services on an in-progress renovation of a Savings and Loan administration building, which included assessing progress achieved to date and monitoring work progress thereafter, review and organization of project documentation, verifying that construction costs invoiced and/or paid concerned costs necessarily incurred in the performance of work, and identifying issues that required resolution to allow for timely completion of the project.

◙ Provided a critique of charges alleged by landlord against a commercial tenant in an office park where there was an allegation of more than ordinary wear and tear, major damage, abandoned equipment and debris.  A counter amount of potential charges was developed based on the responsibility of the tenant in accordance with the lease terms and the reasonableness of the charges alleged.

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