Marine-Related Services

Marine Related Services – RMC can be a valuable resource to vessel owners and operators, terminal operators, shipyards and marine contractors, admiralty/maritime attorneys, insurance companies and others associated with the marine industry when assistance is needed for the timely and successful resolution of claims or support services following an event occurring on land or at sea.  Whether you are in the early stages of a potential claim, or responding to an incident, need outside help with scheduling, pricing or monitoring repairs, or require dispute resolution or litigation assistance, RMC can provide the following services to assist or supplement your team based on your particular needs. 


►   Contract and Specification Reviews

►   Marine Damage Surveys and Appraisals

►   Post-Incident Response

•   Technical Assistance with Condition and Damage Surveys

•   Review of Damage Assessment Reports

•   Preparation of USCG-Required “Report of Marine Casualty” Forms

•   Perform “Cause & Origin” or “Root Cause” Analyses

►   Repair Planning and Costing

•   Assistance with Planning/Scheduling Issues

•   Resource Allocation and Logistics

•   Evaluation of Repair Schedules by Others

•  Preparation of Repair Cost Estimates

►   Claims Analysis for New Construction and Repair Contracts

►   Dispute Resolution

•   Technical Assistance to Owners, Insurers, Counsel, or Adjusters

•   Expert Witness Testimony

•   ADR and Trial Exhibits

•   Other Litigation Support Services, as Requested

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