Dispute Resolution

Dispute ResolutionAlso referred to as the “pain and suffering” of the contracting process, disputes not only rob projects of the ability to be completed in a timely and economic fashion, but also pit contractor against owner, owner against designer, and so on. If involved in a dispute, you need to know quickly whether your position is as good as you think (or as good as your staff or others are telling you). In most cases, the best source of this analysis is an objective third party like RMC who can provide the following:


Evaluation & Guidance

►   Change Order, Technical Issue & Problem Analysis

►   Assessment of Strengths & Weaknesses

►   Schedule Delay, Disruption & Acceleration Analysis

►   Productivity & Performance Analysis

►   Pricing & Damages



►   Discovery Assistance

►   Litigation Support Systems (Document Coding & Control)

►   Demonstrative Evidence & Exhibits

►   Expert Witness Testimony

►   Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration Support

►   Pre-trial, Trial & Post-trial Assistance

►   Independent Facilitator

►   Neutral

►   Party Arbitrator
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