Healthcare Facilities

RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided project management and claims analysis services for various healthcare facilities.


09010 Underwood Memorial Hospital G109
Camden County Health Services
Knoxville VA Medical Center
Jacobi Medical Center1

Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ Assisted a general contractor in the preparation of a request for equitable adjustment associated with the conversion of a furniture store/warehouse into a VA medical clinic.

◙ Assisted a hospital during an expansion program to identify the party(ies) responsible for the omission of a sewer easement from the design documents that interfered with the construction of a proposed parking garage by apportioning responsibility for time delays and cost overruns among the responsible parties.

◙ Assisted a general contractor in the preparation of a request for equitable adjustment on a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract to renovate an existing building into a 450-bed mental health facility with a treatment mall and a large auditorium, in which the contractor was alleging damages in the form of extra costs for material escalation, lost productivity, delay and outstanding change orders.

◙ Assisted a construction manager in the development of a final Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) associated with the construction of an expansion to the surgical unit of an outpatient medical facility.

◙ Assisted a hospital and the state agency serving as the hospital’s representative during the renovation and expansion of a hospital in New York City in the defense of claims by four of the prime contractors on this multi-prime project that included the construction of a 398,000 SF, eight-story, 339-bed inpatient tower, operating rooms, surgery patient processing, cardiac catheterization and vascular labs, additional imaging and dietary facilities.

◙ Assisted a prime contractor responsible for framing, drywall and painting on the addition of a full-service wing to an existing hospital that included patient rooms, labs and examination rooms, for which the contractor was seeking additional time and compensation for delay and lost productivity.

◙ Reviewed and provided recommendations to a County on design and construction work at a mental health and long-term care facility, identifying HVAC issues and code non-compliance issues.

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