RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT has provided professional consulting services to manufacturers, engineering firms and contractors engaged in projects including wastewater treatment plants, landfills, hazardous waste handling facilities, soil recovery plants, and clean-up efforts following environmental incidents.

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Specific examples of our experience are presented below.

◙ Wastewater treatment plants in New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, and Georgia, for which services included contract analyses; project controls implementation; feasibility analyses; project procedures development; and change order management.

◙ Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling assistance provided for asbestos abatement work, demolition, water treatment facilities and waste water treatment plants.

◙ An independent study on the viability of using a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), for a municipality contemplating a wastewater treatment plant expansion.  Independent research and interviews with trade associations and owners having used PLA’s on prior projects provided the basis for the report.

◙ Damage calculations performed to determine the extra costs resulting from changes in the planned sequence of operations and changed method of performance on a pesticide dump site remediation project by which contaminated soils were treated by thermal desorption and returned to their original location at five different sites.

◙ Assessed whether the contractor failed to meet its contractual obligations that led to low-level radioactive waste evaporation/storage pond that was improperly constructed being closed by the State of Utah.

◙ Performed an analysis to identify the reasons for the contractor’s cost overrun and to quantify the claimed extras on a project where asbestos containing material (ACM) was removed from a terminal at a major New York airport.

◙ Claims analysis services, including expert testimony, were performed to calculate inefficient hours and cost overruns experienced during steel mill dismantlement work at numerous plants in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

◙ Provided scheduling and on-site project management assistance associated with the demolition of a portion of a DOE facility previously used to manufacture enriched uranium.

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