About RMC

FOUNDED IN 1993, we have strived to provide services of the utmost quality.  Our goal is to provide direction through the maze that is known as construction.  Construction is one of those institutions where varying parties with common goals and competing interests must work together to achieve progress.  There can be many missteps along the way, and although the pitfalls are many, the rewards are worth the trip.  Our raison d’etre is to ensure that the path is not too bumpy, and to provide our client with an objective assessment of the respective parties’ positions and render opinions based on relevant facts and within contractual parameters.  Although our capabilities may be second to none, and our record for responding to our clients’ needs in an economical manner well-respected, the “bottom line” is where it counts.  We may be one piece of the puzzle in the process, but the role we play is often critical to a project’s success.

WE UNDERSTAND the procurement, design, construction, and manufacturing processes . . . we’ve been there.  We have guided clients in every facet of the process from clarification of project concepts to project close-outs.  We can assist you – from the outset – to minimize the occurrence of problems which, if left unattended, often result in serious financial impact.  However, should the need for assistance not emerge until the end of a project, we can provide you and your attorney with an objective assessment so that you can make informed, cost-effective judgments . . . and yes, we’ve been there, too.

IN SUMMATION, Resolution Management Consultants, Inc. is exceptionally qualified to look out for your interests – whether your project is in its initial stages, in progress, or in its final phase.  And should a dispute evolve into a claim, we will provide an objective and thorough assessment of the problem, develop a solution for you, and help obtain a fair and equitable resolution . . .

It’s our job and our name.



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